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Imagine the possibilities ... taking steps with a dog to help lead the way!


DogAbility Center Mission:

To provide innovative canine-assisted experiences, using certified activity therapy dogs with skilled handlers that afford stimulation, encouragement and entertainment to better the lives and well-being of children and adults of all abilities in the community.



DogAbility Center is the first of its kind on Long Island to invite participants to visit at an all-inclusive location where a specialized canine-interactive experience is aligned with a participant's needs. We offer multiple canine-assisted activities, utilizing certified activity therapy dogs who engage with our participants in one-on-one experiences including elements found in canine sports. Participants include a large variety of individuals and groups of adults and children with and without special needs.

While at DogAbility Center, you can work together with our skilled handlers as they lead their dogs through an obstacle course including tunnels, hoops, jumps, weave poles, planks, etc. as well as learning about behavior/nutrition and veterinary care.


Dog Training:

DogAbility Center also offers dog training sessions for pet owners, American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Certification, as well as certifying dogs specifically for our program. As we are knowledgeable in many areas of therapy work, our handler teams are exposed to a variety of such sessions. Another advantage of our series of on-site training is that dog handlers are observed and supported during actual sessions which increases their skills and confidence.  


Ways in which DogAbility Center's program of activites have impacted on our participants:

* Helping people with a debilitating fear of dogs

* Offering a distraction with joy for a family in crisis – death / illness/ financial

* Engaging isolated, but still active seniors who miss their dogs and/or need a social opportunity and a place to share dog time

* Comforting people suffering with PTSD as well as individuals suffering from abuse, disease, eating disorders, bullying, etc.

* Enhancing early learning and socialization skills for preschoolers with our Doggie & Me program

* Providing a relaxed, non-judgmental and dog-friendly atmosphere where children with reading delays can increase their reading and communication skills and self-confidence

* Instructing Scout groups who are interested in canine education for merit badge requirements

* Educating families on how to choose the right dog, and/or the proper care and training of one they already have


Comments from some of our participants:

"Thank you so much for helping Matthew and for having this most wonderful place where he can come and have such positive interactions and just feel good. This was a hard week and that smile on his face is just amazing to see." ~ Stacy Z

"Went there on Saturday and my son had an amazing time." ~ Rebecca K

"Great program and mission!" ~ Susan W

"DogAbility is the greatest place my son ever went to play. He is a changed boy. These dogs connect with your soul!" ~ Teri S

“My son Matthew was there with this class today and I just wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful experience for my son, and what just what a wonderful program that you run. Thank you very much!” ~ Valla P

I just wanted to say thank you for a great afternoon. Eddie really enjoyed himself. Thank You!" ~ Jessica P

"These are some awesome dogs and some awesome people.......They have visited us with their dogs and offered an open house for us during our Special Olympic event. Stop in for a visit and see for yourself. Dog slobber included." ~ Joan C / NC PAL Special Needs Unit

 "We had a GREAT time yesterday. You run a great place, with amazing volunteers. Thank you for having us and we look forward to seeing you again next week." ~ Suzy S / Group Leader

"Thank you for allowing us to come.  It was a great experience for our students and staff." ~ Carol C / Group Leader

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