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Professional instructors help your child build confidence without judgement. This program is specially designed for persons with reading delays, ESL, dyslexia, etc. 

At DogAbility Center our dogs can do a lot more than fetch and roll over. Research now suggests that dogs can actually help children learn to read. The main objective of this program is to provide a relaxed and dog-friendly atmosphere, which encourages children to increase their reading and communication skills and self-confidence by reading aloud to certified therapy dogs.

For young children, one of the big challenges in learning to read is the embarrassment of making mistakes. Reading to dogs provides a simple solution -- a non-judgmental, comforting furry friend who "listens" and takes the pressure off a child as he stumbles. This can help calm young children and relieves the pressure of embarrassment when they make reading mistakes. 

Fee = $50 per single session -- or $125 for 3 sessions (paid in advance)



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